Subject: [Bacula-users] Vacation schedule (again)

Hello all. We've started using a homegrown solution (an attempt at one, anyway)
for handling vacations, holidays and other situations where there are no
operators present to change the tape(s). The reason we need it is of course
that we use a daily tape rotation with offsite tape storage and must be present
in order to have everything flow nicely. It's more or less just a different
take on what's already been hinted at in various places.

It basically checks whether today is a holiday/vacation or not and attempts to
stop the director if it is (and no jobs are in progress or are queued). We also
replace the Webacula front page with a static HTML page and mails a
notification to our support mail queue. It's a script which runs in crontab
every 12 hrs (at 06.00 and 18.00). We always start our backups at 19.00.

If it's currently not a vacation date, the script attempts to start the
director again.

Should I post the script here to get some constructive critique, or does it
belong somewhere else?

Tor Willy Austerslått

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