Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] speed up my backups

> So one of my machines has a few zillion tiny little files.
> My full backup took 44 hours.  I can deal with that if I have to.
> My incremental backup has been running for 10 hours now.
>    Files=71,560 Bytes=273,397,510 Bytes/sec=7,666 Errors=0
>    Files Examined=14,675,372
> I know that bacula has to look at each file to determine if it's
> changed.  And I am investigating whether or not we actually need to
> keep all of these little files, or if we can zip them up into archives.
> In the meantime,  I'm just wondering if there is some why to speed up my
> backups.  For example,
> signature=sizeonly
> or
> signature=stupid
> or some other undocumented and unrecommended (but needed) way to
> speed up the verification of file changes (or lack thereof).

I would turn off compression, enable attribute spooling and enable concurrency.


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