Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] speed up my backups

Maybe I can answer to follow-ups at once. Easy one first:

Il 19/04/2011 15:37, hymie! ha scritto:
>> So one of my machines has a few zillion tiny little files.
>> My full backup took 44 hours. I can deal with that if I have to.
>> My incremental backup has been running for 10 hours now.
>> Files=71,560 Bytes=273,397,510 Bytes/sec=7,666 Errors=0
>> Files Examined=14,675,372
>> I know that bacula has to look at each file to determine if it's
>> changed. And I am investigating whether or not we actually need to
>> keep all of these little files, or if we can zip them up into archives.
>> In the meantime, I'm just wondering if there is some why to speed up my
>> backups. For example,

Marcello Romani writes:

>Maybe it's not relevant to your case, but have you tried to enable
>spooling ?

I don't think spooling will solve my problem. First off, I'm using disks
as my storage, not tapes; spooling is not recommended. Second, the
bottleneck clearly (well, clearly to me) is at the client side choosing
files. Note that Bytes/sec is under 8,000. I don't have any currently-
running backups to compare it to, but that seems like an *extremely* low

Christian Manal wrote:
>do you use accurate backups? If not, the signature isn't used anyway.
>Regular incrementals and differentials are done by timestamp.

No, I do not. At least, not on purpose, and not that I can see.
Although I did just notice that it's VSS, if that matters.

JobId 272 Job CEFiles01Backup.2011-04-18_23.05.00_41 is running.
VSS Incremental Backup Job started: 18-Apr-11 22:36
Files=71,586 Bytes=273,451,803 Bytes/sec=7,131 Err...

Files Examined=15,267,990

But if it's already just using timestamp, then I may just be stuck with
a 12-hour incremental.

--hymie! hymie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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