Subject: [Bacula-users] Erro "ERR=Connection reset by
peer" when backing up virtual machine


I backup some VM's (XenServer) and I have problems when the bkp of two VMs running and specifically in the error log is this:

12-Apr 23:30 Host1 JobId 1082: Error: bsock.c:393 Write error sending 23007 bytes to Storage daemon: ERR=Connection reset by peer
12-Apr 23:30 Host1 JobId 1082: Fatal error: backup.c:1024 Network send error to SD. ERR=Connection reset by peer
12-Apr 23:30 empresa-dir JobId 1082: Error: bsock.c:518 Read error from Storage daemon: ERR=Connection reset by peer

The curious thing is that ONLY these two VMs this problem occurs. When it comes around 300MB backuped, the virtual machine freezes for about 20 min and then the network connection returns to active and I see the above error in the log.

I have several GB's backed up to other VMs and do not take the error ...

The scenario is: bacula-dir is a VM and bacula-sd is the HOST (all the VMs are hosted) where I have an internal tape drive.

Tks in advance!

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