Re: PyKaraoke v0.4.2

Hey Will, long time no speak.

I've been experimenting a lot lately with trying to get pitch shifting
working, and I've made a pleasant discovery that, at least in Linux,
makes it a snap to implement. I'm totally jazzed about this :)

Yeah I spotted this on your blog the other day. Kudos! This is a great solution as it saves reinventing the wheel. Any chance you could post a little HOWTO to the list on setting this up? :-)

More directly PyKaraoke-related, I wrote a patch against v0.3 that
added a configurable on-screen display (showing player status, time in
the song, etc.); anybody at all interested in that kind of feature, or
am I just being a showoff at the local shows? :)

I'd need to probably refactor it to work properly in v0.4 since that
introduced the segmented display scheme; though I was just overlaying
FreeType font stuff onto the buffer right before it gets flushed to
the display device, so it may still just apply and work.

If you're modifying the cdgSurfArray, then it just now needs to set appropriate bitfields in UpdatedTiles to specify which tiles have been modified. Then cdgDisplayUpdate() will automatically work on only the updated tiles. If it's not obvious what to do then I'd be happy to do the merge.

Thinking about it, it's probably not appropriate to blit the text into cdgSurfArray as it would get scrolled if there was any scrolling in the CDG. Better to do this to the unscaled_tiles array immediately before scaling and output. This way it won't be left hanging around in the main cdgSurfArray for use by the scrolling code.


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