Subject: AAF Support

Hi guys,

I just wanted to update you all and let you know that I've finally found
some time to start on the AAF import functionality!! Initially, I'll write
it as a stand-alone app - but with the GUI separated from the actual
functionality. I've already written a simple GUI for Windows. Hopefully,
once I get that working, the functionality could either be incorporated into
Ardour or someone can join me and write GUI's for Linux & Mac.

If I get bored over Christmas (which is highly likely) I'll try to get it to
the stage where I can parse an AAF file and find certain types of objects on
the audio tracks. Initially, I'll limit myself to 3 types of object,
namely:- audio clips, empty spaces and transitions (ramps & fades). After
that, I'll probably need some help in converting these objects and making an
Ardour session (hopefully, early in the new year). Have a good Christmas