ardour 0.99 released

(see subsequent message for info about the post-0.99 development pathway)

Changes since 0.9beta30

* When plugins are silenced, feed them the amount of silenced buffers
as the plugin has inputs instead of only one buffer. (fixes
"explosions" with various reverb plugins)

* fix for i18n problems (incorrect definition of _() macro for
gtk_ardour directory). Translators should now be able to
see the results of their efforts now.

* change DEBIAN -> SYSLIBS

* do not build KSI by default

* add check for installed xgettext tool if NLS=1

* the "real" new ardour_ui.rc

* "fixes" for Connections editor to reflect whether editing input
or output connection. the entire dialog is a disaster, but ...

* add error message if trying to export a range when none is

* Stephane Letz's patch for OS X Tiger altivec optimization, slightly
reworked (thank you!)

* recent session fix from nick_m

* New fader graphic & alignment correction for the rail the
fader moves on (thanks Reuben!)

* patch to support use of environment variables CC, CXX
and DIST_CC_HOSTS, thus allowing compiling with distcc
as well as ccache (thanks Tim!)

* reversed zoom bindings, to follow GIMP and others