Subject: Re: The .applescript file format

On Feb 11, 2011, at 2:36 PM, Shane Stanley wrote:

> Is saving files as UTF8 fine for .applescript? Do they need a BOM? Or should
> they be MacRoman encoded if that's possible?

Chris Nebel answers:

> We've never bothered to specify a particular encoding for .applescript files;
> it's merely defined as "text", and it's up to the consumer to figure out the
> right encoding. All the system components will recognize a UTF-16 BOM;
> osascript(1) and the underlying OSALoadFile API (but not AppleScript Editor)
> will recognize UTF-8; otherwise the file is presumed to be in the primary
> system encoding.
> --Chris N.

So, you should probably either use UTF-16 or UTF-8 with a BOM in both cases.

Chris Page

The other, other AppleScript Chris

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