Subject: Re: [Announce:] Release of Apache2::TomKit

Hi Alex,

Alex Sergeyev wrote:
> Hello, Tom,
> I'm really interested in your solution... Could I ask you
> few questions prior to trying it in real things:
> 1. Is there any chance to work with axkit-provider-like
> way in TomKit?

Yes. It should be possible when I release the next version
I'll also release a new provider like Apache::AxKit::Provider::RDBMS.
Providers only have to implement the following:

> 2. Is there chance to define perl XSLT functions in
> pugin or other pre-loaded module?

Yes. There's

But you can not use it at the moment because the underlying module
XML::LibXSLT::Enhanced is not yet available. It's ready for release,
still you could write your own processor like you can in AxKit take a
look at the latest release of XML::XPathScript.

> 3. Is there any caching engine or, is there a way
> to implement my own one?

Yes. But it's not configurable at the moment what cache to use. But the
actual (Filesystem-Cache) has the following possibilities (not tested!!!):

- add CGI-Params to the cache:

AxEnableCGICache 1
AxCGICacheKeys userId
AxCGICacheKeys section

If no AxCGICacheKeys are provided all params are taken! As of this
writing I think I'm going to change the directive name to AxCGICacheKey
in the next release!

- add Cookie-Values to the cache:

AxEnableCookieCache 1
AxCookieCacheKeys userId
AxCookieCacheKeys section

The following caches are in my mind though:
- Berkley-DB
- SQLite-DB

If no AxCookieCacheKey is provided all keys in the cooky are taken! As
of this writing I think I'm going to change the directive name to
AxCookieCacheKey in the next release!

> 4. Is there any way to define reaction to uri-scheme
> in future? (I have my own udl:// scheme in AxKit
> for example)

Yes that sould be possible in future by subclassing:
as you can see in

> I'd really appreciate your answers but also will
> understand if you can't find time or desire to
> answer my letter :-)

No. It's a pleasure and joy for me to answer people's question about
TomKit. I always want to discuss things and bang my head against
questions, ideas. Collection input from people like you and others
trying provide a small but great piece of software to the community.

Once more I really appreciate any help in coding, feature ideas, ... . I
know TomKit is only software having alpha quality at the moment but if
other developers jump in I think we could get something going. It's now
that we have Apache-2.2 and which could help TomKit once more because
now the order of Output-Filters are not static any more so mod_perl and
TomKit can work at any arbitary position in the Filter-Chain.

I'm trying to assemble something tonight explaining my design of TomKit
and how it's working.



> Thanks!
> Alex.
> Tom Schindl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to inform you that last night I released the sources for
>> Apache2::TomKit on CPAN.
>> Description:
>> ------------------------8<------------------------
>> TomKit is a perl handler which is working similar as the famous AxKit
>> for mod_perl 1.x. It is designed as an PerlFixupHandler which inserts an
>> OutputFilter if needed to transform XML-Content.
>> Although designed primarily to transform XML-Content it can be used to
>> create any arbitary output like e.g. PNG, ...
>> ------------------------8<------------------------
>> At the moment there's not much documentation but I'm working to improve
>> both features Apache2::TomKit provides and its documentation. If you
>> want to know how to use TomKit you could take a look into the t*.
>> For all people coming from AxKit please note that Apache2::TomKit
>> ***does not*** change to your apaches-document-root. So when sourcing in
>> files in XSLT you have to provide a fully qualified path!
>> Please also note that that's not the final stable release so things
>> might change (e.g. names of configuration parameters, ...)
>> If you want grab the sources directly from subversion:
>> -
>> If you want to file bugs please use:
>> Tom

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