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[users@httpd] The Require Directives


My environment is RHEL7 and apache 2.4.6

I am looking for the seemingly tricky combination of directives
(Require, RequireAll, RequireAny...) that will allow me to deny access
to an entire domain except for, say, one particular host.

For instance, how do deny access to
 except for

Is this even possible?  I have tried every combination of
authorization containers that I can think of, each of which so far is
either too restrictive or too weak.

Any ideas or suggestions for a good tutorial (believe me, I have searched)!!
Thanks in advance!
-- Bill
Human wheels spin round and round
While the clock keeps the pace... -- John Mellencamp
Bill Tantzen    University of Minnesota Libraries
612-626-9949 (U of M)    612-325-1777 (cell)

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