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[users@httpd] Preserve Authorization header in load balacing


I have a stock httpd server on a  CentOS 7 machine. I have added a file to the conf.d directory with the following contents :

<Proxy balancer://django>
 BalancerMember http://django1 ping=5 disablereuse=on retry=5 ttl=120
 BalancerMember http://django2 ping=5 disablereuse=on retry=5 ttl=120
 BalancerMember http://django3 ping=5 disablereuse=on retry=5 ttl=120

So I have a load balancer to three machines. However when a client application goes through the load balancer and passes the Authorization header the load balancer does not pass it along to the balanced machines.

How can I configure apache to pass this (or other) headers to the Balancer Members ?

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