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[users@httpd] Re: Warning from users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On 03 Nov 2018, at 07:26, Leland <k5gu@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Return-Path: <>
> Received: (qmail 11330 invoked for bounce); 23 Oct 2018 17:04:55 -0000
> Date: 23 Oct 2018 17:04:55 -0000
> From: MAILER-DAEMON@xxxxxxxxxx
> To: users-digest-return-118101-@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: failure notice

Your mail server rejected a message from the mailing list. The time stamp should allow you to find the event in your logs and figure out why the message was rejected.

You can also follow the instructions in the mail to have the message resent to you, or click the following link. If the message failure was because of some filter on your server, it should trigger again, possibly making it easier to find in the logs.


If you could do a sort of relief map of sinfulness, wickedness and
all-round immorality, rather like those representations of the
gravitational field around a Black Hole, then even in Ankh-Morpork the
Shades would be represented by a shaft. In fact the Shades was
remarkably like the aforesaid well-known astrological phenomenon: it had
a certain strong attraction, no light escaped from it, and it could
indeed become a gateway to another world. The next one.

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