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Re: [users@httpd] Can apache http server handle millions of static pages or pictures ?

I'm not absolutely sure about millions but I have a few hundred thousand pages. The two issues that might be a problem is the filesystem speed of your implementation and the path name length. Not Apache limitations but that of your file server's OS.

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On 11/1/18, 9:53 PM, "chuyifan" <chuyifan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I have a website with millions of pages. The content on the page stored in
    database but the data is not changed very frequently. so for the sake of
    improving the performance of the website and reducing the costs of
    deployment of web applications, I want to generate the static pages for the
    dynamic content and refresh the pages if the contents are changed. But I am
    very concerned about how to manage these large amount of pages. how should I
    store these pages? I plan to use Apache http server to manage these pages.
    Is it possible that it will cause IO problems when the web server handle
    many requests? What is the capability of handing requests for Apache http
    Server ? Is there any better solutions for this issue? 
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