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[users@httpd] invisible server

Hi !

I have run my apache server for several years (yeah I know I should take time to upgrade to later version, anyways)

I have hade an (slow) ADSL connectivity to swedish operator Telia, using an Zyxtel modem, however that was burn by lightning so
have now shifted to the telia supplied Technicolor router/modem; however, then the server is no longer visible to the network !

which is a bit annoying

on one of the ethernet ports of the Technicolor, I have a CAT cable to a router/bridge (small cisco) to which in turn both my laptop
and the PC running Apache are connected.

Now the laptop has connectivity as to outgoing trafic (normal browsing), as has the PC (using browser on it)

the laptop has assigned IP  and the PC/server

AND I can access the server from my laptop, which clearly indicates that there is a network connectivity locally, guessingly
(here Ive tried to get info, but Telia support is a total NOGO, three calls and all the operators are in the same but various confusion levels)
the technicolor creates a network on the "inside" with locally know IPaddrs, which are no longer published to the outside, which they
were (guess the DHCP serving was then done upstream, and not in the Zyxtel, which then had no routing ?)

If anyone understands what Im saying ;)  and has some solution I would be greatful, possibly I have to get another modem ?

tnx /georg

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