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[users@httpd] Issue while listing Directory using mod_autoindex

Hi All,

When I am trying to list directory in apache. My process get killed and I was not able to see directory. During debugging I have seen that "apr_dir_close(thedir);" apr_dir_close in function index_directory is killing my process. So I have commented this function from index_directory.

After commenting, I am able to see the listing of directory but after listing my directory process is getting killed again. While debugging got the following stack trace:

->in run_cleanups () in /usr/local/lib/libapr-1.so
 -> in apr_pool_destroy () in /usr/local/lib/libapr-1.so
-> in eor_bucket_destroy at \home\apache29\apache-2.4.29\httpd-2.4.29\server\eor_bucket.c:90
->in remove_empty_buckets at \home\apache29\apache-2.4.29\httpd-2.4.29\server\core_filters.c:733

I have few questions on this:
1) What is the significance of apr_dir_close(thedir); ?? If I will comment this out then what will happen ?
2) What may be the cause for my process is getting killed before and after comment.

Please help to solve this issue.