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[users@httpd] Re: 0 length robot.txt

On 03 Oct 2018, at 18:27, Filipe Cifali <cifali.filipe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> you can for example turn log level to debug and access the site, tailing the logs should provide some information about what is breaking.

Is it possible to set the log level just for a virtual host? I thought that was a server-wide setting. I tried adding 

LogLevel warn rewrite:trace8

to the virtual host and didn’t get an error on starting apache, but the http-error log for the site didn’t appear any different.

> Also, why you have a ProxyPass on a virtualhost that doesn't run anything PHP? Create a template without the config and use it. 

All the sites are setup for php so that I don’t have to get an email, go edit a file, and restart apache just because someone wants to put some php code in their page.

At least today it is failing immediately, so debugging should be easier.

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