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Re: [users@httpd] 403 error upon upgrade


The point is not to use non-threaded to increase your performance and scalability. The event mpm has the ability to run many threads per process, which in turn can drastically increase the number of simultaneous clients you can serve.

On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 4:34 PM Jack M. Nilles <jnilles@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
mpm_prefork_module is/was loaded.

On 2 Oct 2018, at 8:24, Frank Gingras <thumbs@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/php is a good starting point - I would recommend not using mod_php, unless you have a good reason to use it.

Nowadays, mod_proxy_fcgi and php-fpm is trivial to set up, and allow you to use a threaded mpm, such as event.

On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 11:21 AM Jack M. Nilles <jnilles@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sure enough, there seems to be no php module loaded:

Loaded Modules:
 core_module (static)
 so_module (static)
 http_module (static)
 mpm_prefork_module (static)
 unixd_module (static)
 systemd_module (static)
 actions_module (shared)
 alias_module (shared)
 auth_basic_module (shared)
 authn_file_module (shared)
 authz_host_module (shared)
 authz_groupfile_module (shared)
 authz_user_module (shared)
 autoindex_module (shared)
 cgi_module (shared)
 dir_module (shared)
 env_module (shared)
 expires_module (shared)
 include_module (shared)
 log_config_module (shared)
 mime_module (shared)
 negotiation_module (shared)
 setenvif_module (shared)
 ssl_module (shared)
 userdir_module (shared)
 reqtimeout_module (shared)
 authn_core_module (shared)
 authz_core_module (shared)
 rewrite_module (shared)
 version_module (shared)
How do I get it on  board?