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Re: [users@httpd] virtual host

Quoting Carmel NY (carmel_ny@xxxxxxxxxxx):
> This is my first attempt to set up a virtual host with apache24 on a
> FreeBSD 11.2 machine, and it is not working out so well.

Please elaborate on the 'not working out so well' bit.

> Assuming a site name of example.net, I tried to configure a simple vhost.
> <VirtualHost *:80>
>     ServerAdmin webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
>     DocumentRoot "/usr/local/www/testdir"
>     ServerName stem.example.net:80

The port addition here is not needed and might interfere with your

>     ServerAlias www.stem.example.net
>     ErrorLog "/var/log/stem.error.log"
>     CustomLog "/var/log/stem.access.log" common
>     AcceptPathInfo On
>   <Directory "/usr/local/www/testdir/">
>     AllowOverride all
>     Order Allow,Deny
>     Allow from all
>     # For Apache 2.4 add:
>     Require all granted

Remove the 'Order' and 'Allow' lines if you're running Apache 2.4
Leave the 'Require all granted' line in that case.

>   </Directory>
> </VirtualHost>

Otherwise this vhost config looks just dandy!

> apachectl -S
> VirtualHost configuration:
> *:80                   stem.example.net (/usr/local/etc/apache24/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf:24)
> *:443                  example.net (/usr/local/etc/apache24/extra/httpd-ssl.conf:121)

It shows up here on port 80 too!

> Obviously, I am dong something wrong, but I have no idea what.

Please tell us what is not working for you!

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