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[users@httpd] tls_process_client_certificate:certificate verify failed - when using a PSS Signed intermediat


we use a Clientauth configuration for a location without problems for many months

Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Apache 2.4.18-2ubuntu3.9
openssl 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.13

Now we upgraded Apache to use HTTP2

Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Apache  2.4.34-1
openssl 1.1.0h-2.0

Apache Conf:

    SSLEngine on
    SSLVerifyDepth 2
    SSLProxyEngine on
    SSLProtocol -All +TLSv1.2 +TLSv1.1


    SSLCertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl/blablub.pem
    SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/apache2/ssl/blablub.key
    SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/apache2/ssl/blablub.ca_certificates.pem
    SSLCACertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl/ProductiveCAClientAuth.pem

....other stuff without ClientAuth...

    <Location /test>
        SSLVerifyClient require
        SSLVerifyDepth 2

        ProxyPass https://server-1/test
        ProxyPassReverse https://server-1/testg



The client certificates are issued by an intermediate CA which is itself PSS Signed.
The root CA and the actual client certificates are signed normally SHA256.
Do not ask why, that's how it was built in the past and has worked so far


[Tue Sep 25 07:18:27.723798 2018] [ssl:debug] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] ssl_engine_kernel.c(757): [client] AH02255: Changed client verification type will force renegotiation
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:27.723803 2018] [ssl:info] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] [client] AH02221: Requesting connection re-negotiation
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:27.723827 2018] [ssl:debug] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] ssl_engine_kernel.c(987): [client] AH02260: Performing full renegotiation: complete handshake protocol (client does support secu
re renegotiation)
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:27.723867 2018] [ssl:info] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] [client] AH02226: Awaiting re-negotiation handshake
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.176966 2018] [ssl:error] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] [client] AH02261: Re-negotiation handshake failed
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.176987 2018] [ssl:error] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] SSL Library Error: error:1417C086:SSL routines:tls_process_client_certificate:certificate verify failed
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177005 2018] [core:trace3] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] request.c(119): [client] auth phase 'check access (with Satisfy All)' gave status 403: /test/
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177032 2018] [headers:debug] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] mod_headers.c(900): AH01503: headers: ap_headers_error_filter()
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177057 2018] [http:trace3] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] http_filters.c(1128): [client] Response sent with status 403, headers:
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177062 2018] [http:trace5] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] http_filters.c(1135): [client]   Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2018 05:18:27 GMT
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177066 2018] [http:trace5] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] http_filters.c(1138): [client]   Server: Apache/2.4.34 (Ubuntu)
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177071 2018] [http:trace4] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] http_filters.c(957): [client]   X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177075 2018] [http:trace4] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] http_filters.c(957): [client]   Content-Length: 320
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177080 2018] [http:trace4] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] http_filters.c(957): [client]   Connection: close
[Tue Sep 25 07:18:33.177084 2018] [http:trace4] [pid 49219:tid 140033499584256] http_filters.c(957): [client]   Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

We tested it all again with client certificates issued by a SHA256 intermediat CA. This works without problems.
As I suspect that by updating Apache or openssl there is now a problem with PSS signed issuers.
Someone has an idea what you can do to make it fly again?



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