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[users@httpd] Rewrite with proxy adds document root

I have this config included via Include conf.d/myconfig/*.conf within my virtualhost.

<Location "/requested-uri">
ProxyAddHeaders off
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^123 [NC]
RequestHeader set "X-API-KEY" "proxied"
RewriteRule (.*) "https://${HOST}$1" [QSD,P,L]

But the above rule is also proxying the /var/www/html which is the document root. I have no idea why as this is not added via .htaccess

So if you curl for example /requested-uri/123/index.html the proxied path would look /var/www/html/requested-uri/123/index.html

Any ideas why ?

Thanks a lot !