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Re: [users@httpd] Apache crashes with: AH03104: apr_thread_create

On 9/22/18 5:12 PM, Rainer Jung wrote:
> Since your system seems to have lots of free memory, I don't expect a
> memory shortage unless there's a memory leak and the memory numbers you
> showed below would be very different when the crash actually happens.
> Each thread needs a thread stack in memory.
> What could happen is that the limit of threads your use can create (sum
> over all of his processes) hits the nproc limit. Note that although it
> is called nproc = number of processes, what it limits on Linux is
> actually the (much bigger) number of threads per user.

You can fix this by recompiling the kernal to allow for more shared
memory.  There might be a better way to design your apache set up,
though.  If you are using a VM it needs more memory

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