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[users@httpd] How to auto-select SSL certificate by hostname

I am trying to configure a server that has the singular purpose of redirecting https://anyhost.com to https://www.anyhost.com. Without SSL, this is trivial: create a single configuration that uses Rewrite to redirect to www.{%HOST}.


Bringing SSL into it complicates things however. We’ll be doing redirects for 1000+ domains, so managing hostname --> certificate mappings with VHosts is a challenge. We can fit 100 names on each certificate, so we’ll need to handle at minimum 10 certificates.


From my reading of the documentation, each VHost can only be configured for a single certificate. Is there any method, with or without the use of a module, for having a single configuration that can serve the appropriate certificate automatically?


The behavior I’m attempting to emulate is available on Amazon Application Load Balancers. Multiple certificates can be added to a single ALB, and it examines the Host header to determine which certificate is appropriate with zero configuration of any domain-certificate mapping.


Craig Menning
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