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Re: [users@httpd] Reverse Proxy for Web Application (or adding it as extension to Apache web server)

What I want Apache to do is to serve my application behind a reverse proxy.  

For the email address thing, I meant to ask about the email address used for the ServerAdmin directive.  

If Apache can't pass environment variables to proxied servers, do have to hardcode the API keys that my application needs?  Or is there still a way to hide the keys that could work with Apache?  The Googles Maps API Key would be visible in DevTools (if the user presses F12 for instance), but I can restrict the key to my virtual host so that it only works for my app (they ask for a domain name; please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that a virtual host would also work here).  

And yes, I do actually want it so that the proxy server is restricted to the virtual host I set up.  Would that be a bad idea?  I only want to serve my application with this behind a reverse proxy, after all.  

From: Eric Covener <covener@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, September 8, 2018 9:34:37 PM
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Subject: Re: [users@httpd] Reverse Proxy for Web Application (or adding it as extension to Apache web server)
> For instance, do I really need to add a balancer set when I really only have one web server I need to do this for?


> And I need an email address for the server that I know I'll be able to get emails on, but I don't have a host name aside from the one I'm setting up a virtual host for (and that host name doesn't exist outside of being a virtual host).

What does an email address have to do with HTTP servers?

 I'm confident only in using the same email address as the one for
this Outlook account.

> I also need to know where to add the ProxyPass directive if I do have to set up a reverse proxy.
You can simply append it to httpd.conf if you don't want to restrict
it to a particular incoming virtual host. If you do, use that context

> And do I also need the ProxyPassReverse directive along with that?
Typically yes.

> In my C++ source file, I have two environment variables for the API keys that it needs to work correctly; since it's a Google Maps application with a currency conversion form on it, it needs a Google Maps API Key and an Access Key for the currency API.  On lines 130 and 133, I use std::getenv() to get the values in the environment variables.  So also need to know how to make that work in Apache.

Apache can't pass environment variables to a backend proxied server
and doesn't start your backend server.  What do you want Apache to do

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