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Re: [users@httpd] Reverse Proxy for Web Application (or adding it as extension to Apache web server)

> For instance, do I really need to add a balancer set when I really only have one web server I need to do this for?


> And I need an email address for the server that I know I'll be able to get emails on, but I don't have a host name aside from the one I'm setting up a virtual host for (and that host name doesn't exist outside of being a virtual host).

What does an email address have to do with HTTP servers?

 I'm confident only in using the same email address as the one for
this Outlook account.

> I also need to know where to add the ProxyPass directive if I do have to set up a reverse proxy.
You can simply append it to httpd.conf if you don't want to restrict
it to a particular incoming virtual host. If you do, use that context

> And do I also need the ProxyPassReverse directive along with that?
Typically yes.

> In my C++ source file, I have two environment variables for the API keys that it needs to work correctly; since it's a Google Maps application with a currency conversion form on it, it needs a Google Maps API Key and an Access Key for the currency API.  On lines 130 and 133, I use std::getenv() to get the values in the environment variables.  So also need to know how to make that work in Apache.

Apache can't pass environment variables to a backend proxied server
and doesn't start your backend server.  What do you want Apache to do

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