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[users@httpd] Want to Deploy Web App Behind a Reverse Proxy

I have a web application I want to deploy behind a reverse proxy.  

Do I have to do this on my own computer with the instance of the Apache HTTP Server that I've installed on my machine, or is it possible to do this on the Apache somehow as well?  If possible, I'd like to do the latter because I'd prefer not having to always keep my computer on.  

The reason I want a reverse proxy is because my application has its own httpd( written in C++).  I'd like the application to be publicly available on the Internet.  

If I set up a virtual host with Apache (with a public IP, one that isn't, and one I can navigate to from anywhere), will that make the application publicly available as I intend?  

I'll also need help on setting up virtual hosts and a reverse proxy since the Apache documentation is too technical for me (I did try reading it....).