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Re: [users@httpd] Re: Testing for apache open relaying

On 09/06/2018 06:40 AM, @lbutlr wrote:
On 05 Sep 2018, at 09:58, Robert Moskowitz <rgm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So I suspect my apache server as a proxy relay.

Is there a similar site to mxtoolbox that will test apache for improper relaying?
Are you allowing php? You should be able to root out any badly behaved mail scripts.

I run roundcube, which is openly available.  It of course has mail scripts.   Supposedly I have some control on the roundcube stuff. My roundcube.conf was in the original post.

You should check exactly what your server is being blocked for. For example, if you are on a dynamic IP there’s nothing necessarily wrong with your configuration, you *will* be blacklisted regardless.

It is a static assignment from Comcast.  But it would not surprise me that even so, I have problems because of that...


I will check this out.

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