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[users@httpd] VirtualHost and HTTPS

I'm running httpd 2.4.12 on Windows Server 2003.

We have things set up and working with http and https using the primary host name (fully qualified).

We need for a different domain (same hostname) to work with https.

These both need to work:

https://myhost.domain1.org - this works fine

https://myhost.domain2.org - I can't get this to work

I have certificates (and key files) for both domains (the first being unique to the FQDN, the second being a wildcard for *.domain2.org).

I have <VirtualHost *:443> blocks set up with ServerName myhost.domain1.org in one, and ServerName myhost.domain2.org in the other.  Each specifies its proper cert and key files, and unique DocumentRoot locations.

httpd.exe -S clearly indicates both VirtualHosts found, no errors (no errors from httpd.exe -t, either).

It appears that the first certificate is always being served regardless of which host name is used in the browser.  Also, the 2nd (domain2.org) config has a different DocumentRoot, but when I tell the browser to ignore the security warnings I'm being delivered content from the domain1.org DocumentRoot.



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