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[users@httpd] Re: Special characters in password for mod_dbd


This seems to be mysql APR driver specific.

For some reasons, in APR, in function dbd_mysql_open(), fields are split according to delimiters in:
    static const char *const delims = " \r\n\t;|,";

See Remarks about MySQL at:

According to the code, there is no way to avoid the "incorrect" split of the DBDParams parameter.
I guess that your best option is to modify the password.


Le 19/08/2018 à 19:29, Mimiko a écrit :

I have special characters in the password to connect to database from httpd basic authentication using mod_dbd in version 2.4.

I use:
DBDriver mysql
DBDParams host=some_ip,dbname=schema,user=user_name,pass=password_with_special_chars.:)]|&;

But httpd does not read it correctly so could not authenticate to mysql. The user and password is correct.

How to escape special characters for the password?

On httpd 2.2 using DBDriver odbc the same password is interpreted correctly.

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