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[users@httpd] Implementing REST API

Hello all!

I hope that I am posing my question to a relevant mailing list!

I am looking for a solution to implement a RESTful API server. I have
tested and examined a bunch of solution and now I think the best
solution is to use a trustworthy, reliable, and robust implementation
of HTTP protocol such as Apache httpd as HTTP server as base and then
add my API handlers for REST commands. I am still looking at Apache
httpd's source code and doesn't really know what is the best way to
implement a RESTful API that would receive GET/POST/PUT/DELETE, etc.
commands with appropriate parameters and then send the results.

I am wondering if there is a standard way or similar project that
somebody else has done? If not, what would be the best way to
implement this? Should I add a new module that handles RESTful APIs or
hack into the code and generate the response base on my API when a
HTTP command is received and send it through httpd?

I appreciate your help in advance,


Danesh Daroui

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