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[users@httpd] memory caching with Apache 2.4

I am finally upgrading an Apache 2.2 server to 2.4 and caching has changed.  The Apache server is used in a confined area and is not on the web.  I was previously using mod_mem_cache to cache in memory responses from my custom back-end tile server module which serves up tiles of data from a larger "black box" file.  I've been reading up on the 2.4 mod_cache, mod_cache_socache, and mod_cache_disk but don't see anything equivalent to the old 2.2  mod_mem_cache where I could allocate a certain amount of RAM for the result of URL requests.  I don't want a disk cache.  I want a memory cache for commonly requested URLs of the form: http://server_ip/tile_server/GetTile?i=xx&j=xx&k=xx .  I want to be able to set up how much memory is used by the cache.  Can you point me in the right direction?

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