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Re: [users@httpd] balancer manager issue


On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 5:21 AM Felix Wong <not.waf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> using the built-in balancer-manager ui or curl to disable a balancer member does not actually do anything.
> command: /usr/bin/curl --silent --insecure -o /dev/null -XPOST 'https://localhost:443/balancer-manager?' -d b=home.monolith.on1.saasure.net -d w=https://on1-lbmo01c.aue1t.internal -d nonce=20e16be2-eb5f-42c0-b061-57af2968c7db -d w_status_D=1
> after running the above command, the status of the member reflects as changed, but traffic is still flowing to the host (as evidenced by tailing log files on the balancer member).
>  LoadBalancer Status for  balancer://home.monolith.on1.saasure.net  [pb9c23464_home_monolith_on1_saasure_net]
>   https://on1-lbmo01b.aue1t.internal       1.00  0  Init Ok   0  0  0    0     0
>   https://on1-lbmo01c.aue1t.internal       1.00  0  Init Dis   0  0  0    0     0
Are you sure traffic is reaching to the disabled balancer member? As
per doc[1], Apache might automatically retry the member, but it should
not send anything. Are you seeing Elected count is changing? or both
Elected & Load count is changing in balancer manager UI for a member
after that change?


> balancer config:
> <Proxy balancer://home.monolith.on1.saasure.net>
>     # use our FQDN convention for BalancerMember URLs.
>     # use the saasure.net domain because it maps to the public IP of an instance.
>     BalancerMember https://on1-lbmo01b.aue1t.internal timeout=320 retry=30 connectiontimeout=3000ms max=2000
>     BalancerMember https://on1-lbmo01c.aue1t.internal timeout=320 retry=30 connectiontimeout=3000ms max=2000
>     ProxySet maxattempts=2 lbmethod=byrequests
> </Proxy>
> <Location /balancer-manager>
>     # Explicitly turn off rewrites if we match /balancer-manager
>     RewriteEngine off
>     SetHandler balancer-manager
>     Order deny,allow
>     Deny from all
>     Allow from ::1
>     Allow from localhost
> </Location>
> has anyone seen this before, or is it just some subtle misconfiguration on my side that i overlooked?
> thanks,
> felix

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