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[users@httpd] IPv6 in mod_status scoreboard


I am currently using Apache 2.4.25 from Debian Stretch on our
webservers. As IPv6 becomes increasingly a popular, the truncating of
IPv6 addresses in the Apache scoreboard has been bugging me for a long
time now and is becoming increasingly painful.

I have noticed that there was actually a patch to include/scoreboard.h
almost five years ago that adresses this bug:

This has however not been merged into the 2.4-tree so far, even 2.4.34
still has char client[32].

So I was wondering about the dev policy for such changes in trunk - am
I right in assuming that this patch will not ever be backported to
2.4? I was contemplating building my own 2.4 flavour with this fix,
but that would obviously break package management and I'd be on my own
for any future fixes of Apache 2.4 in Debian, so that's not really an
option. However, seeing that Debian Buster has already undergone
package freeze and there's a high likelihood that there's not going to
be an Apache 2.6 even in the next Debian release after Buster, it
seems that the Apache scoreboard will remain broken for more years to
come - and that's 4 years and 10 months after it was actually fixed in

How are issues like this usually adressed? Is there some procedure to
upvote a patch to be backported/merged into 2.4?

I am just a humble user, not a dev, that's why I don't want to bother
the dev list right away.

Any advice?

Kind regards


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