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Re: [users@httpd] Apache load balancer, etc

We are using 2.4. However we were not using "Event MPM" and were on a different, much less robust, system than the other load balancers we tested. 

We moved Apache to system equivalent to test environment of other load balancers we tested, implemented "Event MPM" set MaxRequestWorkers to a high number and Apache performed as well as any of the other load balancers. 

Summary ...

nGinx is ok, but our understanding is you have to buy nGinx+ to get persistent connection capability

Lighthttpd was ok but we had some trouble finding documentation on some things and we read the developer may have slowed down on development

HAProxy looks pretty good, we still had to dig a bit to get information and it looked to us that we would have to do some log file conversion in order to use with something that needs to parse logs 

Apache performed as well as any of the others, differentiating less than +/- 100 ms or less in performance with repeated tests compared to the best performing of other options, we already have some familiarity with Apache as a web server, there is a lot of documentation/examples/mailinglists/etc. available, it seems to be able to do anything we might want to do from a load balancer perspective

I would rate Apache,HAProxy as 1st and 2nd, then the other two.

Questions ....

When calculating "MaxRequestWorkers" is it better to have "ServerLimit" or "ThreadPerChild" as the larger multiplier?

What happens to http requests thru the Apache load balancer if the backend hosts get maxed out on current TCP connections and there are still requests coming into the load balancer?


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Are you using the latest Apache httpd 2.4.x? Are you using the Event MPM? Both our and independent 3rd party benchmarks show Apache as fast and, at times, even faster, than those solutions you mentioned.

> On Jul 2, 2018, at 1:24 PM, Rose, John B <jbrose@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Have been comparing  Apache load balancing with some other possibilities
> As expected can do just about anything you want with Apache but the performance testing between Apache load balancing and nginx, haproxy, lighthttpd has Apache noticeably slower. 
> Any tips on config tuning to optimize Apache load balancing performance?
> Any comments on open source software load balancers you folks have used that you recommend?
> Thanks
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