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[users@httpd] Strange behaviour when using -DFOREGROUND

Hi! I just installed Apache 2 on my Arch Linux Desktop machine for testing purposes and instead of running it as a system wide service through systemd I run it under my default user session whenever I need it, using the following command:

/usr/bin/httpd -d "$HOME/Webserver" -f "$HOME/Webserver/httpd.conf" -DFOREGROUND

Of course I did setup a working environment for it there.

Now I switched my configuration to use mpm_prefork and discovered a strange behaviour which I do not understand: Whenever stopping a server (by using -k stop or SIGTERM) started with -DFOREGROUND through a .desktop starter, it not just kills the server and its children but my whole desktop session, throwing me back to the display manager's login screen. It does not happen when the commands are executed from a terminal window.

Does anybody know why this happens? Is it a bug? It thought DFOREGROUND should just keep it from detaching from terminal, therefore being a harmless option.

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