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[users@httpd] Problems with apache 2.4.6 upload data limit?

We’ve recently upgraded our apache server in our product line from 2.4.25 to 2.4.6.    We have a screen sharing application which uploads frames to the apache server.   Sometimes after an upgrade of our product the screen sharing application doesn’t work as no frames are shared.     When I investigated this problem from the PHP side it looks like apache server limits the amount of data uploaded to 8KB.   I found this issue out by examining the PHP fread function to examine how many bytes were being read at each interval chunk.    It is only after an apache restart does this problem go away and it becomes a nonreproducible problem.    However when this problem happens it is 100% reproducible and completely broken all the time.    Also one thing to note is that this problem only seems to manifest itself after a reboot of the system.   When it works it works 100% of the time. 


Can anyone shed light on this issue?   This seems like a potential bug with the apache server.    Thanks,      



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