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Re: RE: [users@httpd] https not working

>Try "openssl s_client -debug -connect host:port" to see if your machine can contact the server at all.

Should I run that on my laptop (the remote machine) or the server?

>You should try to telnet to port 443 from a) the localhost

The output seems to be fine

mahmood@ce:~$ telnet localhost 443
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

>Note, from your output it looks like you only have this (only)
>configured for ipv6, which constrains what is and isn't going to
>work. You're going to need to understand whether the telnet test
>above is being done from ipv4 or v6 in order to interpret the results.

Where do you mean? I have no problem with removing ipv6.

What I have done already is to test one of the websites (and not a subdomain) with https. I mean if you consider the main url as http://myuni.com then http://myuni.com/shb works fine. What I have done is that I have created an entry in default-ssl.conf for /var/www/html/shb. Therefore, I want to test https://myuni.com/shb

Does that matter?