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Re: [users@httpd] Slow Apache 2.4 server


Yes, it is expected php to be faster and your hardware-stronger  server to perform better, but there is a problem , which has to be diagnosed, and from my experience, while troubleshooting everything should be checked and nothing to be taken as a granted. Sometimes the problem is right in the place you would never think of.

Could you share information about the php execution times for the same file on both of the servers , what are the timings ? 

I'm thinking of some questions about:

1) Do you have some additional software on the new server (ModSecurity, some firewall or things like that)

2) How is php configured to run on both of the servers ( fcgi,cgi,  mod_php... ?)

3) Are the files (thumbnails) / database are locally running on both of the servers ?

4) Are there any name resolving requests inside the PHP that renders the thumbnail ?

Knowing the exact time php takes to process the thumbnail on both of the servers, would be a good starting point.

You may use something as simple as this for the time measurement:


$start = microtime(true);


$time_elapsed_secs = microtime(true) - $start;