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Re: [users@httpd] Slow Apache 2.4 server

On Thursday, June 21, 2018 08:11:02 Gryzli Bugbear wrote:
> Hi,
> Maybe you should first find where the slowness come from (most probably
> it is php, rather than Apache).

That was in my mind, but tests show that PHP is much faster on the new server than on the 
old one. PHP 7 is by nature faster than PHP 5.x and the since the new server is much more 
powerfull (8 cores vs 2 and higher cpu and memory frequency).

There is not much to do for the PHP code to render the thumbnails. It just get the image 
identifier from the URL, looks up in the database and based on the answer from the 
database, it read a small file from the disk and return it to the client.

But to be sure, I added timers to check the speed of the code. It confirm that the PHP 
code itself IS much faster on the new server.

The old server is a dual core AMD @ 800 Mhz CPU speed.
The new server is a 8 core AMD @ 4 Ghz CPU speed.

> You could try to measure the php execution time from the beginning of
> the request to the end of it, then you will have some more information
> where to dig further.
> It wont be a good idea to start optimizing blindly some stuff, without
> being sure where exactly the problem is.

I'm agree with you in that. But I have no clue where to start trying to optimize it.

Jørn Dahl-Stamnes
homepage: http://www.dahl-stamnes.net/dahls/

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