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[users@httpd] Re: Redirect outside http web-address to an internal web-address

Le 21/06/2018 à 10:52, Gust, Thorsten a écrit :
Hi All,

I tried to create follows configuration within our environment, but can’t find a working solution for that case, maybe some has an idea !?!

We have an external company which is connected via VPN to our network. Internal we have two applications (Confluence/Jira) deployed

with tomcat and we connect to it via apache 2.4. The internal address is in example “confluence.internal.de”, I can connect and everything

works fine.

But the external company needs to use as an external address “confluence.external.de” to connect to our internal application.

I’ve configured the apache as a reverse proxy and the external company can connect to the application, but the problem is that every

time the internal address “confluence.internal.de” shows up external what shouldn’t do. It should show the external link “confluence.external.de”

every time.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance and best regards


Thorsten Gust

IT-System Management

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