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Re: [users@httpd] Apache allowed OPTIONS

> On 13 Jun 2018, at 17:18, Alex K <rightkicktech@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> curl -sI -X OPTIONS
> The PUT functions correctly if one tries to PUT a file but the issue is that it is not listed and this breaks the third party app as it is currently built. 

I doubt it.

I expect PUT to that URL returns 405.  The PUT that works for you is to a
different URL, of the form

Re: your other post, I'd be mildly surprised if Alias+Directory actually configures DAV:
we conventionally use a <Location> ('cos DAV is a handler, not a map straight to
the filesystem).  If you add a breadcrumb (e.g. a Header), do you see it in a PUT?

Nick Kew
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