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Re: [users@httpd] (rewritten) In directory pages, how to show file dates in a specific timezone?

Em 13-06-2018 17:29, Yann Ylavic escreveu:
On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 9:26 PM, Dedeco Balaco
<dedeco.balaco@xxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:
Is my question outside the scope of this list?

Not really, though after a quick look at the code it seems that there
is no "configurable" solution, maybe that's an explanation (not an
excuse) :/

That is an explanation indeed, Yann. But what was said before was not this. So I was assuming there was a way to fix it, and waited for answers from the list.

I can give more information about the hardware and OS. But before I said everything I thought could be needed: normal user, Debian 9, Apache 2.4, environment accessed by SSH shows every date in the correct timezone, set with TZ variable.

I could not find a way to show file listing pages (generated by Apache)
with times in the correct timezone. The timezone is defined in the
environment, but Apache refuses to take it into account (assuming that
what I set it what should be set).

The date format used by mod_autoindex is hardcoded, and does not
include the timezone (%z or %Z in strftime format).
I think a patch is needed to eventually configure it (e.g. another
IndexOptions keyword).

Being hardcoded is bad. Should I consider this as a bug and report it?

The thread in LinuxQuestions.org I pointed has a basic code that I can use to make some PHP code to list what I need. If that is not the better solution, at least for something temporary, please point.

Taking the code from Apache's mod_autoindex, fixing and running the new code for my user is something easy to do? Will it need to be installed by root? Making it available for other users in the server is not needed, not necessary.

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