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[users@httpd] Oddity using FallbackResource in PHP development

Apache is returning 404 when an invalid PHP script is called, even though  FallbackResource is configured and working fine for invalid scripts without the .php extension. 

Said another way, when I use FallbackResource, with a PHP file as the target, it works fine only when I don't reference an invalid PHP file. When I do, it doesn't work. I've spent hours poring over documentation and pounding on Google to no avail. 

### Configuration ### 
CentOS 6/64, stock install, all updates applied. 
Apache 2.4.6
php 5.4.16

Document root has a single PHP file "route.php" in it, with one line:  
<?php die("I was found"); 

/etc/httpd/conf.d/site.conf contains:
FallbackResource /route.php 

### Problem demonstrated ### 
When I go to 
I see "I was found". 

When I go to 
I see "I was found" 

When I go to 
I see 404 "Not Found The requested URL /invalid.php was not found on this server."

Wheat do I need to do to get FallbackResource to work for URLs that look like a PHP script?