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[users@httpd] [Appeal] zh Reviewers wanted (was: Attempting translating Chinese documentation)

On Sun, May 13, 2018 at 8:24 AM, CodeingBoy <codeingboy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello William, thanks for your information. I have completed the translation progress of error messages.
I have translated these message to both Simplified Chinese(zh-cn) and Traditional Chinese(zh-tw). One thing should be noticed is that I'm not a native speaker of Traditional Chinese, for Taiwan people they might feel a little weird(though they can understand it).
On the other hand, I did a lot checking to make sure translations contains little mistakes(if any). A reviewer would be helpful, but I didn't find one. :(

Thank you for your contribution and attention to detail! Committed to httpd trunk in

If any conversant/native reader would kindly review either (or both) the draft zh-cn and/or zh-tw error text, we can move on to backporting this commit to 2.4.x for the next release. For the entire draft error page doc set, please checkout;

Sharing with users@ to hopefully find a willing reviewer.

Again, thank you much!



ps: to any of you on users@ who might be interested, if you are willing to review docs submissions in your native/fluent languages, please consider subscribing to docs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to lend your aid. TIA!