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Re: [users@httpd] mirror a html site

Hello *,

I am mirroring too, but I made it much mor easier...

Am 2017-12-24 hackte Marat Khalili in die Tasten:
>> the resulting files are not browsable without creating a structure
>> of folders for each domain downloaded (the original www.mydomain.com
>> and the folders for the cdn) which ends up having an ugly URL
> www.mydomain.com/www.mydomain.com/index.hml.
>> Can anyone know how to solve this without manual interaction?

Yeah, instead of using ugly directories, why not use a subdomain for
mirroring?  The most links will work. It would look like


I do this with arround 7.000 domains on a singel Apache instance since
the traffic is VERY low...

Have a nice day

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