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[users@httpd] 2.4.33 secure web crashes

We have been running/upgrading the Apache web for years on a custom ARM device with great success.

When we upgraded from 2.4.29 to 2.4.33 we now have trouble with crashes.

If we query the web server with multiple sessions via http, no problems, if we do the same thing with https, after a minute or two the web server will do a hard crash.

The web server is set-up for Basic Authentication, using pwauth i.e.
AddExternalAuth pwauth /bin/pwauth                                           
SetExternalAuthMethod pwauth pipe                                           

We go back and forth between builds switching between 2.4.33 and 2.4.29 (only the main app and modules are swapped, but keep the same config files)

It consistently crashes with 2.4.33 but works all day with 2.4.29

We were just wondering is any other people have been noticing this odd behaviour ?