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[users@httpd] Server Configuration

Need your suggestion on setting up an web application and REST api in server. 

Currently there are 3 applications like as below

1. User web application - Running on node.js - port 3389 / universal react application
2. Admin web application - Running on apache - port 8080 / laravel
3. Rest Api for user application - Running on apache -  port 8080 / laravel

Currently we load the applications like as below

User Application:- 
www. xyz .com:3389/help
www. xyz .com:3389/landlord-intro 

Admin Application:-

REST Api routes:-
GET http://xyz/app/country?id=1
GET http://xyz/app/location

For loading the user application without port number , we tried to set proxy pass in apach conf like as below 

<Location / >

<Location /app/admin >

Now the after restarting the apache , we are able to access user application without using port number but unable to access the admin application and also we need to know how to proxy pass rest API's from client.