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Re: httpd and php integration

On 10/18/2018 07:29 PM, Rainer Jung wrote:
Am 19.10.2018 um 00:46 schrieb Dennis Clarke:
On 10/18/2018 04:57 PM, Rainer Jung wrote:
Am 18.10.2018 um 21:55 schrieb Dennis Clarke:
You debugger output shows jump = 0x101e2915c. This address is not divisible by 8, so it seems it confirms the alignment problem.

  0x101e2915c ??

I'm referring to https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=76745 and the line:

ah .. I was wondering where you saw that address ... I was looking at my
 xterm  :-\

t@1 (l@1) program terminated by signal BUS (invalid address alignment)
Current function is set_jump
   641           jump->next = NULL;
(dbx) where
current thread: t@1
=>[1] set_jump(jump = 0x101e2915c, compiler = 0x101e280b0, flags = 0), line 641 in "sljitLir.c"
  [2] sljit_emit_jump(compiler = 0x101e280b0, type = 24), line 1320 in "sljitNativeSPARC_common.c"   [3] mainloop_entry(common = 0xffffffff7fffd180, hascrorlf = 0), line 3372 in "pcre_jit_compile.c"


I will circle back around on this after I see httpd 2.4.37/38/39 built
and running.  Don't be surprised if I may have questions and more
odd things.  I see a bootstrap of gcc happening tonight.