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Re: httpd and php integration

Am 18.10.2018 um 21:55 schrieb Dennis Clarke:
On 10/18/2018 03:42 PM, Rainer Jung wrote:
Am 18.10.2018 um 21:18 schrieb Dennis Clarke:
On 10/18/2018 02:12 PM, Daniel Ruggeri wrote:
php: "5.6.38"

I do build PHP 7.x myself including recent library versions both on some Linux platforms as well as on Solaris Sparc. But the typical use is via PHP-FPM, not mod_php. So httpd integration is done via mod_proxy_fcgi which is part of httpd nowadays. I do not test PHP with the httpd test suite, only with the tests that come with PHP itself.

Yes, I see the php-fpm approach and ye old mod_php was fine for php 5.x
world but the world has moved onwards.

When running the test suite I typically get about 50-80 test failures on Linux and 150-200 test failures on Solaris (of about 13000 non-skipped tests).

I get outright SIGBUS core dump :-(

Yes, I sometimes get them and try to get them analyzed (by myself) and fixed (by the PHP people). On Solaris Sparc the SIGBUS almost always comes from bad alignment, where an 8 byte type is not located at an address divisible by 8. X86_64 is not sensible to this and of course the PHP people do not typically test on Sparc.

Concerning the 7.2.8 failure: the biggest difference between our setups is probably the compiler. I wanted to keep deltas to the mostly used platform Linux small, so I build using GCC (which I compile myself). The alignment in question could well be sensible to the compiler used. Furthermore I am doing still 32 bit builds, and it looks like you are doing 64 bit builds.

Looking at your issue


I did not myself observe this problem. It looks like a pcre problem, not really a PHP problem. The pcre they bundle in 7.2.8 is version 8.41. Recent for 8.x would be 8.42, but even in 7.2.11 it is still at 8.41. On the other hand, I did not find an immediate information, that 8.42 fixes an alignment problem in the jit. But it does contain quite a few jit changes.

You debugger output shows jump = 0x101e2915c. This address is not divisible by 8, so it seems it confirms the alignment problem.

You could try to reproduce the problem by compiling pcre 8.41 standalone and run the pcre test suite. Uf you can reproduce, you can check, whether it is goine in 8.42 and then at least point the php people to that finding, asking them for an upgrade. Finally you can also try to add pcre 8.42 into your php source tree under ext/pcre/pcrelib. It seems PHP does not change any of the files, but you would also need to add the generated files config.h, pcre_chartables.c and pcre.h. You can probably get those by first running configure and maybe also make for a standalone pcre 8.42.

Concerning your foo.php script, I get the same results, but it starts working when using INPUT_ENV. I don't know what the definition of INPUT_SERVER for PHP CLI is. At least for PHP with FCGI it seems to be known that INPUT_SERVER doesn't work well. So probably not something specific to your build.



beta $ TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE=sapi/cli/php sapi/cli/php run-tests.php

PHP         : sapi/cli/php
PHP_SAPI    : cli
PHP_OS      : SunOS - SunOS beta 5.10 Generic_150400-61 sun4u
INI actual  : /usr/local/lib/php.ini
More .INIs  :
PHP         : /usr/local/build/php-7.2.8_SunOS5.10_sparc64vii+.001/sapi/phpdbg/phpdbg
PHP_SAPI    : phpdbg
PHP_OS      : SunOS - SunOS beta 5.10 Generic_150400-61 sun4u
INI actual  : /usr/local/lib/php.ini
More .INIs  :
CWD         : /usr/local/build/php-7.2.8_SunOS5.10_sparc64vii+.001
Extra dirs  :
VALGRIND    : Not used
TIME START 2018-10-18 19:18:58
Bus Error(coredump)
beta $
beta $ dbx sapi/cli/php time_1539890338-pid_2068-uid_16411-gid_20002-fid_php.core
For information about new features see `help changes'
To remove this message, put `dbxenv suppress_startup_message 8.2' in your .dbxrc
Reading php
core file header read successfully
Reading ld.so.1
Reading libresolv.so.2
Reading librt.so.1
Reading libm.so.2
Reading libnsl.so.1
Reading libsocket.so.1
Reading libz.so.1.2.8
Reading libxml2.so.2.9.2
Reading liblzma.so.5.2.1
Reading libpthread.so.1
Reading libiconv.so.2.6.0
Reading libc.so.1
Reading libaio.so.1
Reading libmd.so.1
Reading libc_psr.so.1
Reading en_US.UTF-8.so.3
Reading methods_unicode.so.3
t@1 (l@1) program terminated by signal BUS (invalid address alignment)
Current function is set_label
   630           label->next = NULL;
(dbx) where
current thread: t@1
=>[1] set_label(label = 0x101ffa82c, compiler = 0x101ff9780), line 630 in "sljitLir.c"   [2] sljit_emit_label(compiler = 0x101ff9780), line 1251 in "sljitNativeSPARC_common.c"   [3] php__pcre_jit_compile(re = 0x101ff9570, extra = 0x101ff9600, mode = 0), line 11081 in "pcre_jit_compile.c"   [4] php_pcre_study(external_re = 0x101ff9570, options = 1, errorptr = 0xffffffff7fffdb10), line 1630 in "pcre_study.c"   [5] pcre_get_compiled_regex_cache(regex = 0xffffffff7d0b5630), line 548 in "php_pcre.c"   [6] php_do_pcre_match(execute_data = 0xffffffff7d023810, return_value = 0xffffffff7d01efa0, global = 0), line 729 in "php_pcre.c"   [7] zif_preg_match(execute_data = 0xffffffff7d023810, return_value = 0xffffffff7d01efa0), line 1147 in "php_pcre.c"   [8] ZEND_DO_ICALL_SPEC_RETVAL_USED_HANDLER(execute_data = 0xffffffff7d01e510), line 617 in "zend_vm_execute.h"   [9] execute_ex(ex = 0xffffffff7d01c030), line 59739 in "zend_vm_execute.h"   [10] zend_execute(op_array = 0xffffffff7d07e540, return_value = (nil)), line 63776 in "zend_vm_execute.h"   [11] zend_execute_scripts(type = 8, retval = (nil), file_count = 3, ... = 0x17d06c060, ...), line 1496 in "zend.c"   [12] php_execute_script(primary_file = 0xffffffff7ffff0f8), line 2590 in "main.c"
   [13] do_cli(argc = 2, argv = 0x101c8ed20), line 1011 in "php_cli.c"
   [14] main(argc = 2, argv = 0x101c8ed20), line 1404 in "php_cli.c"
(dbx) list
   630           label->next = NULL;
   631           label->size = compiler->size;
   632           if (compiler->last_label)
   633                   compiler->last_label->next = label;
   634           else
   635                   compiler->labels = label;
   636           compiler->last_label = label;
   637   }
  639   static SLJIT_INLINE void set_jump(struct sljit_jump *jump, struct sljit_compiler *compiler, sljit_s32 flags)
(dbx) print label
label = 0x101ffa82c
(dbx) print *label
*label = {
     next = (nil)
     addr = 0
     size = 0
(dbx) quit

Which has me wonder how that is possible given that I tend to enforce
a 64-bit alignment with -xmemalign=8s .

Regardless php has been a battle on Solaris sparc. Would love to know how you managed to get any sort of reasonable results.

I did get some false positive fixed by the PHP people, but got somewhat tired of analyzing the big number of failing tests.

I have bug reports filed that seem to rot.
Others I follow or try to follow :


That never seems to go away :

beta $ cat /tmp/foo.php


beta $ sapi/cli/php /tmp/foo.php
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: ENV_NAME in /tmp/foo.php on line 5
beta $

beta $ ENV_NAME=foobar sapi/cli/php /tmp/foo.php
string(6) "foobar"
beta $

beta $ sapi/cli/php --version
PHP 7.2.8 (cli) (built: Aug 15 2018 03:13:17) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend Technologies
beta $

In any case ... I trust this build of php 7.2.8 about as far as I can
throw it and I can not throw an M4000 very far at all.  Or lift it.