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mod_headers best practices and headers duplicated in the response

Hi everybody,

apologies if this subject has been brought up in the past but I didn't
find much. I have been working on some bugs like
https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=62380 in which users
report responses with the same header duplicated. To keep the story
short, it seems that everything is due to the fact that sometimes
httpd fills both r->headers_out and r->err_headers_out with the same
header, and both get added to the response.

Example from 62380:

- Simple ProxyPass configuration with mod_proxy_http, the (HTTP)
backend returns a response with the X-Foo header set to baz
- Header always set X-Foo "bar" (in the httpd.conf)

This leads to the following in the response:
X-Foo: baz
X-Foo: bar

This happens because, afaict, mod_proxy_http returns the backend
headers into r->headers_out, while Header always set adds it to
r->err_headers_out. With mod_proxy_fcgi the behavior is different
since both headers end up in r->err_headers_out (so only X-Foo: bar is
present in the response).
I tried to come up with some patch, but the more I think about it the
less I am inclined to change the current behavior, but only to improve
the docs to be more explicit about the two header lists:

Header onsuccess verb [..]  -> works on r->headers_out
Header always verb [..] -> works on r->err_headers_out

So in the above baz/bar example, if the users really wants to be sure
that an override happens, it should:

Header onsuccess unset X-Foo  (onsuccess can be omitted in here, but
it seems clearer to be explicit)
Header always set X-Foo bar

Same thing for all the other verbs of course (setifempty, merge,
etc..). It is also kinda explained in
https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_headers.html#header but in
my opinion not super clearly, it is easy to get confused (like I was)
while reading it the first 3/4 times.

Anything that I am missing or this is "only" a documentation bug fix?
(Also something worth to change to be more user friendly in 2.6 tbh).