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Re: Wherefor 2.4.36?

Since this tag is only days away, the committers would really appreciate any feedback from early adopters. I'm not certain on the status of the auth hook fix, but believe it's certainly ready to have the tires kicked, so we can avoid any quirks resulting from the TLS 1.3 efforts.

Please feel free to try it from the 2.4.x branch and let us know your observations. I believe it is stable enough for review now.

On Sat, Oct 6, 2018, 19:54 Michael-Fever <demutis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Aww, all I care about is getting 2.4.36 going so I can say I have TLS 1.3
supported with my h2.  LOL, no but seriously, is 2.4.36 stable enough to be

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